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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyone's doing it!

From the Washington Post today:

"On Election Day, not only will every media outlet be covering the vote, but so will voters themselves who will have ample opportunity to Tweet, Digg, video, and IM the vote...when every voter is also a potential election observer, any shenanigans can and will be instantly broadcast over the Web and quickly picked up by the mainstream media. At least there will be a clear record that can serve as a starting point for later investigation if need be."

We couldn't say it better ourselves. But remember, out of all the folks who will be documenting their votes next Tuesday, how many of them will be looking out for things like wheelchair access? So Tweet, Digg, video and IM all you like, but above all make sure you hit us up first!


emilyring said...

I vote absentee so that I don't have to stand in long lines on Election Day. I would have my husband or friend or family member take me to vote because I don't drive.

Most of my husband's family voted earlybecause they could. We live in one of the states that couldd vote early-Utah.

Who is UCP? said...

Yeah early voting has turned out to be a real blessing for people who can do it. I don't know what would happen if all those people who are early voting now had to wait till election day. it seems like there just wouldn't be enough polling places for them...