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Monday, November 10, 2008


...to everyone who participated in our UCP Election Day Twitter Patrol! It was a pretty successful endeavor -if we do say so ourselves. We got reports from all across the country, and hundreds of people have visited this blog since Tuesday.

When you've been around as long as UCP has (55 years and counting), it's not always easy to jump into the new media game. We consider this a test run in that regard and we're starting to see just how involved our online community really is. Therefore we're looking forward to more and bigger social media events in the future and we're always open to suggestions from you about how to make that happen. You can give us feedback on the Twitter Patrol, or anything else for that matter, by leaving a comment on the blog or by e-mailing me (Patrick) at ptutwiler@ucp.org. We're also on Myspace, Facebook, and of course, Twitter.

Thanks again for a great Election Night.

We'll be talking to you soon,

The UCP National Team

New York

bfmwear @ElectionPatrol My voting place in Forest Hills, NY, PS 101 was accessible and easy.


deafmom @ElectionPatrol I voted at Builta school in Chicago, Illinois, but forgot to look and see if one or more booths were accessible.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rhode Island

Katherine Tildes: Gessler Rec Center, Providence, RI . Took me longer to walk to it thank actually vote! Very helpful people. easy ballots. It was great!!

North Carolina

Amanda Roop: At my polling place in Greensboro, NC, there was indeed a ramp. The machines were on the ground floor. The booths were, however, too high up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things Aren't Looking Good For McCain

Pennsylvania has gone for Obama, at least according to MSNBC, along with Connecticut, DC, Deleware, Illinois, Massachusettes, Maryland, Maine, and Vermont. Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee have gone for McCain.

McCain was counting on Pennsylvania and with it gone, he litterally needs to stave off Obama in every other state George Bush won in 2004 while at the same time winning some other blue state.

New York

hjspencer @electionpatrol From Islip, New York: I voted at Manetuck School, wheelchair ramp in place, short lines. about 2 hours ago from web in reply to ElectionPatrol

Liveblogging the Elections!

Alright, we're back. Maybe. For some reason, my wireless card is kaput so I'm having to use a sketchy land connection. I may get booted off at some point in the future. In any event, looks like McCain is ahead in Kentucky and Obama's ahead in Indiana. People on MSNBC are super excited and at FOX...well, less so. Feel free to leave you're comments by the way. I would love to see those crazy CNN holograms but my cable is messed up too. Send me a video or something if you can.


Vermont: Obama
Kentucky: McCain
And Mark Warner is the Senator from Virginia

No surprises here...

Update from UCP

Alright folks, the work day is done on the East Coast and they're turning off the lights in the building, so it's time to move this operation over to our field office in Logan Circle (aka: my house). But don't worry, I'll keep on posting your tweets and messages, and as the results start to come in, I'll post those too. Thanks so much for all the work you've done so far, and make sure to visit us again before the night is over!


Social Media Intern
UCP National Office


Kforbriger: no lines in adams county colorado - outside denver - things moving quickly. getting thousands out to vote!!!


90210organics @electionpatrol My polling place was easy to get to. Walked there with hubby and 2-year old. No lines. Voted in less than 5 mins.Saugus, CA.

New Jersey

rudy10 @ElectionPatrol I voted in Teaneck New Jersey and it went well the voting place was a school and they had an accessible machine for me :-)


fledchen: @ElectionPatrol Polling place had a sign blocking the sidewalk (and wheelchair access). Is now moved.

fledchen: @ElectionPatrol Low vision functions of the ballot marking machine worked well, however.

fledchen: @electionpatrol Polling place was Eliot Community Center in St. Louis Park, MN


MothersWork: @866ourvote, Zero wait. 11 machines working. Campaining outside. #EPMD (Maryland) #20906 precinct1 #votereport http://is.gd/4XcP


wusa9: Voting Problems Identified In Prince George's County : Board of Elections says call from 9News Now was the ..


"Computer glitches and heavy turnout left hundreds of voters in one Prince George's precinct waiting four hours to cast their ballots today.

Some 300 people were in line at Mount Oak United Methodist Church at 4am, according to a spokeswoman for the Prince George's County Board of Elections. When the doors finally opened, there was a serious problem with 26 of the 39 voter access cards available."

Update from UCP

So I'm hearing a pretty good mix of things from up here at 1660 L Street (UCP National Office). Many of the personal reports we've received have been good news. Lots of people are getting in and out of their polling places quickly and with relative ease. On the other hand, we have gotten some negative feedback (look under the "thumbs down" tag) like the KaraSwims post I mentioned earlier.

Election Protection is fairly emphatic that Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia are headed for trouble. Disaboom has also mentioned Arizona, Minnesota, and Missouri. We can see evidence of problems in most of those states in our own posts, but not Virginia. I don't think anyone who's reported to us has had any problems in Virginia yet. But we're certainly keeping our eye on it.

For their part, CNN says they've received the most calls to their Hotline (1-877-GOCNN-08) from Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, New York, DC, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The top three types of problems: Registration, Mechanical, and Access.


edolenz: Arlington, Virginia, voting went smoothly. No lines, polling place was accessible.


Melvin: Everything turned out well in Elk Ridge Maryland. No lines. Both booth and polling location were accessible.

Disaboom Digest of Problems for Disabled Voters

Here. (thnx 6oclockvintage.)

BTW: TwitterPatrol reported this incident, mentioned in the above article, earlier today:

"Florida - Anecdotal evidence on Twitter points to at least one instance of a voter with a disability being told they were not eligible to vote because they are disabled. Additionally Disaboom blogger KaraSwims was denied the right to a private voting area in Miami: "there were no lowered booths or even a table for me to use for voting. I asked a few officials but was told there was 'nothing they could do.' One offered me something stiffer than the book I brought to put on my lap to fill out the ballot, but the more important problem was privacy."

New York

queenoftheclick: @electionpatrol I voted! My voting booth wasn't crowded at all this afternoon. Brooklyn, NY.There is a ramp at the school for accessibility. 7 minutes ago from web in reply to ElectionPatrol

A Word From Our Sponsor

ecoordinator: Get out the word, visit Dontblogmyvote.org or http://tinyurl.com/55hw9v and learn about what United Cerebral Palsy is doing this election!

Washington, DC

UCPInfo: @electionpatrol Washington DC no lines, building and booths were accessible

DC, Virginia, Maryland Photos from WUSA Channel 9

wusa9: View user-submitted election photos from DC/VA/MD area:




6oclockvintage: RT @jamieLro In STL, legally-required curbside voting for disabled voters not available at some polling places. #votereport

Photo from Dayngr in Florida

Dayngr: I wasn't on the list to vote! (Photo) http://tinyurl.com/6r2c2z


trishberg @electionpatrol I live in a rural area, and vote in a church. All went very well. Waited about 15 minuutes. City-Dalton; State, Ohio


MnIndyLIVE: Report from my election judge mom in STL, MO: 1/3 of precinct voted already; one touch-screen machine down; only a Dem challenger so far

Big Problems in Virginia

866OURVOTE: Everyone: VA is THE story right now. We are calling for polls to be kept open extra 2 hours due to myriad of problems.

updates coming soon...


ryljeter in Detroit, Michigan (via text to Armetta Parker's fone):

In line at 6 AM, finished at 7:45. One machine was not working (Precinct 16 Ward 22) people were angry because they had to slide their ballots through a slot with the statement that they would be run through another machine later.
Also one fight broke out over a pregnant lady trying to take cuts because she said she couldn't stand that long. Voters felt she should have early or absentee voted because the poll workers were trying to give her some courtesy.

Photos from Florida

Dayngr: Photo from my polling place as we pulled up -- http://snurl.com/53ojk


Mamagoesgreen @ecoordinator polling location was Abingdon, VA and was very accessible, easy and efficient.


mandaxica007: Robbins Elementary library, Tucson, AZ handicap accessible


OH_observers: #EPOH #votereport SOS Brunner issues mid-day statement. avg wait time in Lucas is 1hr, only sporadic machine problems


Barack and John cast Their Ballots

wusa9: Barack Obama Casts His Ballot : Barack Obama has cast his ballot in the election he hopes will make him the..


wusa9: Republican John McCain Casts Ballot : Republican John McCain has cast his ballot at a church near his centr..



wusa9: In Maryland -- Long Lines, But Festive Spirit : Elections officials report few problems, despite heavy turn.. http://tinyurl.com/5nh5nq

Election Protection Update

866OURVOTE: As of 12:30, we have received over 41,000 calls on our hotline TODAY alone 1 minute ago from web


Deborah909: I had to wait 45 minutes to vote (Beacon Hill, Boston, MA), but I voted! #votereport
Deborah909: #votereport #wait:45 But things were moving smoothly inside the polling station #02114


60clovkvintage: In response to complaints the Virginia Board of Elections is directing polling places to assist elderly & disabled voters:



Dayngr @electionpatrol Short lines @ Hialeah, Florida Precint 329-379 at 8:45 AM. Access great. No special area for the disabled though.


dreaminaction @ElectionPatrol (early vote) Dwntwn Orlando, Florida Library was accessible as far as getting to polling area. No wheelchair accessible booths... 5 minutes ago from web in reply to ElectionPatrol


dreaminaction @ElectionPatrol I was offered a magnification sheet and assistance if I needed it. 4 minutes ago from web in reply to ElectionPatrol


MNvotes: FromPiPress:Power out for~90 min at 2 St. Paul precincts.Voting went on.


#mnvotes #votereport


kgilnack @electionpatrol no wait in Dorchester MA as of 9 am. MA residents: don't forget there are questions on the back of the ballot, too!

Minnesota Tweet Updates Digest from MNVotes

MNvotes: See all #mnvotes tweets here:



sunrisestuffers @ElectionPatrol our facility was very accessible, although there were candidate signs at the entrance to the school in Sparta, Tennessee


ecoordinator @electionpatrol I didn't encounter any accessibility problems. Voted at Lee H.S. in Franconia/Springfield (Alexandria) Virginia. 16 minutes ago from web in reply to ElectionPatrol


mcpark: not enough electronic check in machines in Sliver Spring, Maryland. long lines. poll workers are trying to calm down stressed out people. waited in line 3 hours.

UPDATE (from Armetta Parker's Phone):

Here's my experience in Montgomery County, MD Election Precinct 13-47

Early voters took 3.5 hrs from start of line to completing vote. It took me 2.5 hrs.
election workers were going through the line escorting anyone with a disability, pregnant, needing to sit or go inside to use the restrooms to come inside. They let Moms with babies come inside to wait and actually started asking folks in line if they would allow someone waiting to go ahead of them.

Once it started raining they looped the line differently to allow folks to have some cover; this was actually a better option for people with disabilities because it put most of the line on the accessible portion of the building entrance vs. having to separate people with disabilities to get them in.

the hold up was not voting booths; but having an adequate number of e-polling books to register people. poll watchers monitoring wait times convinced the election commission to let the judges use the "emergency" back up polling book. That made total of three and helped speed up the voting time.

Given the number of folks with visual impairment; I'm going to assume they had a screen reader polling station. This was my first time voting at this location( I know at previous polling locations they have). I did see a polling booth on a lowered table for someone with a physical disability.


From a PiPresser:At 10am, St. Paul, Minnesota's Chelsea school in&out in 10 min. Parking easy.PiPresser was 999, wife was #1,000. #mnvotes #votereport

Voting Problems Digest from Election Protection

866OURVOTE: An update on our developing stories at this hour:


VA, MI, and FL


MNvotes: rt @mzangla #mnvotes #votereport poll 167thAv NW Ramsey, Minnesota #55303 enter 9:25 leave 9:40...crowded but line moving fast-many same day registers


MNvotes: rt @quick13 One person who said she had handicap said she couldnt wait so was sent in diff entrance @St Peders Lutheran in Minneapolis, Minnesota #mnvotes #votereport